10 Qualities To Look For When Hiring The Best Freelance Technical Writer

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For most tech enterprises, it’s often difficult to find a talented freelance tech writer who can not only explain sophisticated business concepts but also describe the intricacies of certain processes. If this sounds like your predicament, today is your lucky day.
In this article, we will explore 10 qualities to look for when hiring the best freelance technical writer. Let’s dive in:
Good writing skills
One of the obvious things to look for in a great freelance tech writer is their writing skills. Because you are hiring them for the sole purpose of writing, they need to be good at it.
Writing well takes more than just putting several words together. One should be able to communicate effectively and in the simplest language, especially for technical writing.
Because most readers are not conversant with the tech side of life, a good tech writer should be able to help readers easily understand the published content.
You can take a look at their writing samples, websites, or blog to ensure their writing abilities are up to par with your expectations. If that’s not enough, you can offer paid tests to see if what they promise is what they truly deliver.
Understands the content
If you are looking for a freelance tech writer to write about artificial intelligence, the cloud, or blockchain, then the individual should have some knowledge of such topics. They don’t have to be experts in the field but have some knowledge to help them deliver quality content.
It is easier for a writer to write about something he/she is well conversant with than one they have no idea about.
You can check their previous work to see if they have written anything about what you wish them to write and how well they did it.
Experience comes in handy when looking to avoid rookie mistakes. Of course, some newbie tech writers once in a while prove experience is not all that is made out to be. However, you never want to take that risk. For quality work, experience is indispensable.
Experience also shows that a writer is competent enough to work without any supervision. You are sure of getting your work delivered on time and without any issues. In case of any issues, you are sure of getting prompt communication to make any changes if need be.
Moreover, an experienced tech writer has a way of knowing what you need even before you ask. Their experience makes it easy for them to predict what works best for you and what does not.
Good communication skills
Communication skills are vital for any freelance writer. A good tech writer should be able to listen to what you want to be delivered and deliver exactly that or more.
You want a freelance tech writer who is great at extracting information from experts and converting that information to relevant content.
You want a tech writer who communicates promptly in case any issues arise to give you room to make the relevant changes on time. You also want a writer who knows how to write content that communicates to readers.
A freelance tech writer who takes the time to go through their content checking and rectifying mistakes is one that you need in your team.
It takes a special writer to rely on their abilities rather than editing programs to eliminate mistakes. This is not to say that editing software programs don’t help. They do help to some extent. However, they do have their limits.
For example, an editing tool can’t help a writer know if they have followed your instructions to the letter or not. The tools can also not help ensure all linked sources added to your work are from credible sources. It takes a keen eye to observe such mistakes and solve them before delivering the work.
Technical skillsets
Most technical documents comprise more than just written words. Therefore, a writer who writes well is good, but one who can add visuals assets and help simplify technical information is better.
Besides adding visual assets, a good tech writer should also possess other great technical skills to help better their writing.
For example, they should be able to conduct interviews and gather relevant information, test, and troubleshoot products for better reviews and work with modern tools. All these should be added advantages for a tech writer. It shows they have more to offer than just their writing skills.
Team player
Lone wolves have their advantages. However, in some cases, they are not the best choice. When looking to hire the best freelance tech writer and the intention is to work with the rest of the team, then knowing whether they play well with others is vital.
A good team player has a way of adding some new energy to a team. You might find yourself doing better because of such an individual. However, a lone wolf could mean the end of your team.
To learn whether your potential employee is a team player or not, you can contact some of their former employers. Sometimes it’s better to hear it direct from the horse’s mouth.
A well-rounded freelance tech writer can be a great addition to your team, considering the different expertise they add to the team.
It’s never an assurance that you will always have the same type of work for your writers. Therefore, it’s always best to look for a writer who is flexible, one who doesn’t mind jumping out of their comfort zones every once in a while.
Sometimes writing alone isn’t enough to make a good tech writer. One should be able to handle some light technical stuff like testing and troubleshooting products.
Flexibility also means checking whether a writer is good at working alone and working with others. Sometimes a team member might not be available, and it’s best to have someone who can always stand in so that a team doesn’t look like they are missing someone.
A creative tech writer is always a great addition to any employer or company. Sometimes there is a need for creativity to come up with great and original content. The information provided might not be enough to write engaging content, or you might be dealing with a new product; creativity provides a way out.
When dealing with new products in the market, most of the time, there isn’t enough information to back up your discussions. Such are the moments that creative writers come in. They help in making complicated topics look simple and easy to understand.
Great writers always find a way to write engaging and informative content, no matter how little information they have. These are the type of writers you always want to work for you or with you. Such moments do occur, the moments when you don’t have enough information to work with. Without a creative on your side, it is easy to give up on a project and lose out on the benefits.
Last but not least, when looking to hire a competent tech writer, you want someone who is self-driven, someone who gets the job done with or without your assistance.
Mistakes do happen, and sometimes clarifications have to be made to ensure what is delivered is always the best work. However, if a writer keeps asking for clarifications every once in a while and seems to find it hard to work well without your constant assistance, then there is a problem somewhere.
A self-driven tech writer shows responsibility. This is an individual you can rely on to take your content to higher levels, whether you are around to supervise or not. This is an individual that you might not have any problem leaving in charge even when you are held up with other business dealings.
Somewhere, such writers give you room to handle other types of work without the fear or worry of content getting messed up.
A self-driven tech writer also shows their willingness to learn new things and adapt to change. This is a writer who can help you always deliver great content to your readers.
Final word
The process of finding a talented freelance tech writer for your business can be burdensome, but don’t fret. With a clear goal fixed in your memory, your up-stream paddling toil can easily become a downstream paddling pleasure.
Hopefully, this article has helped you see what you need to consider when hiring the best freelance tech writer.

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