Top 10 Skills Every SaaS Freelance Writer Should Have

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If you are aspiring to be a great SaaS freelance writer there are a few skills that you need to learn and keep learning. Great writers have over the years mastered these skills and you can tell from the work they keep delivering.
It is important to know that mastering these writing skills will take time and hard work. However, when you finally do, you will notice the difference in your work and your clients and reader will too. Let’s dig in:
⦁ Great writing skills
Writing comes easy for many people. Most people who have had the privilege to go to school and learn the basics can write. However, writing professionally is a whole different type of writing.
To write professionally, you require some mastery of the art. You need to master how to let your words communicate the intended message in the best way possible. This might mean mastering how to create easy-to-read content and simplify complex topics.
You need to master how to write content that grabs a reader’s attention from the beginning to the end. This might mean mastering how to craft attention-grabbing openers, great transitions, and compelling conclusions.
A good SaaS freelance writer knows it’s not all about writing but communicating. And to communicate it takes more than just punching a few words on a document.
⦁ Strong research skills
To write good content, research is vital. Research not only enables you to come up with content that is informative but original as well.
To come up with original work in a world where WordPress users produce 70 million new posts every month, it takes work. This is why you have to have strong research skills.
With research, it is easy to come up with quality data that backs up everything you are saying. By the end of the day, readers want to know that what you are proposing really works. If it has worked for others, it might work for them.
⦁ Adaptability
Specialization is great, but adaptability is better. As a SaaS freelance writer being flexible is one of the sure ways to better your writing and prevent your pocket from running dry. After all, you are not writing for fun, right?
It’s never a sure thing that you will always write content that is within your specialization. Sometimes you will have to move out of your comfort zone. When such moments come, it’s always better to be prepared.
To be a flexible SaaS freelance writer taking some time to learn different writing styles can go a long way. There are thousands of articles, blog posts, publications, and whitepapers that can help you learn how to be adaptable and a great writer.
⦁ Detail-oriented
If you go through profiles of the best SaaS freelance writers, you are likely to come across the term “detail-oriented” listed as a skill. What this usually means is that the individual pays close attention to the finer details of a task.
Being detail-oriented is critical for any great SaaS freelance writer as it helps with delivering amazing content. While there are many software programs like Grammarly, Ginger, and Hemmingway Editor that can help with grammatical issues, they can only take you so far.
To ensure that all your linked sources are from credible sources, you have to be keen. To ensure all your clients’ instructions have been followed to the letter you have to be keen. These are things software programs like Grammarly cannot help you with.
⦁ Deliver quality
Delivering quality work is never an option for great writers. It’s a must. Quality work not only gives you an edge over your competitors but also ensures clients keep reaching out with work opportunities.
If you aim to be a sort after SaaS freelance writer, then delivering quality work every time should be your lifestyle. Consistency has to apply or risk losing your credibility.
Furthermore, by delivering quality work, you earn yourself a fan base. Readers know where to go when in need of content that is both informative and engaging.
To deliver quality work, every time, work has to be done. You need to keep learning so that you always keep improving on your skills. Sometimes all it takes is one shoddy work to lose all your credibility, and getting it back is never an easy process.
⦁ Communicate
Communication skills are vital for any great SaaS freelance writer. They range from learning to communicate with your readers to learning how to communicating with clients.
When it comes to communicating with your readers, it’s vital you learn the best ways to communicate with them. It can be by adding images, infographics, charts, videos, or statistics to your content.
Some readers appreciate content with images, while some have no problem with a page full of words. There are even some who find words accompanied by videos great read.
On the other hand, when it comes to communicating with clients, you must always understand what they need to be done when it comes to content delivery.
For example, there are instances when, as a writer, you might fail to comprehend what a client wants to be done, the best step is to ask for clarification. If you are not good at communicating and fail to ask for clarification, you might end up delivering something totally different from what the client expected.
What might happens in this case is you either get to re-do the work or lose the job completely, which means no payment for you.
⦁ Edit Edit Edit
This is another skill that every SaaS freelance writer should possess. Final drafts are rarely perfect. And while again there are software programs, free and subscription-based, ready to help with editing content, there is only so much they can do.
Editing your work helps you notice things that you might have missed while you were writing. The process allows you to examine how your ideas align with each other in terms of organization, development, and focus.
In case you didn’t know, writing is usually never the hard part for any best SaaS freelance writer. It’s the editing part that takes the most time and patience. It’s at such a moment that you might end up repeating the whole work if you are not careful.
When it comes to editing your work, you can first do it yourself, involve an editing software program if you have to, or involve a third party if you can. Plus, it might take more than one run through your work to ensure all is good.
In the first point, we made it clear that professional freelance writing is not for everyone. It can be tough sometimes, which might make you think of quitting. Such are the moments you keep fighting. Remember, if freelance writing was easy, everybody would do it.
Best SaaS freelance writer didn’t just wake up and became great, they put in the work. Of course, they had good days and bad days, but it’s the perseverance that made them withstand the hard times.
Hard work pays. It might not be today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but one day it will pay. All it takes is you keep learning and keep moving forward. Learn from your mistakes and from the mistakes of those doing better than you.
⦁ Patience
Besides persistence, patience is another skill any good SaaS freelance writer should possess. Patience helps you avoid silly and costly mistakes, ensuring you always deliver quality work. This helps build your credibility. Rushed work is rarely good work. With patience, you also have a way to overcome those difficult moments when you feel like all your hard work is for nothing.
⦁ Stay relevant
Last but not least, it is vital you learn how to stay relevant. In a first moving world, it’s easy to be left behind and become irrelevant in a matter of days.
If social media platforms have taught us anything is that what could be trending now might not be trending the next day or worst in a few hours.
Staying up-to-date with what is trending, which simply is, what people are talking about at the moment, can help you deliver content that is high on demand.
When clients notice how relevant your content always is, you are sure to get more work. When readers notice the same, you are likely to get more traffic on your content.
To stay relevant, participating in social media platforms and writing and freelancing communities can be of great help.
Final word
Greatness isn’t handed to anyone; it requires a lot of hard work. If you are looking to be a great SaaS freelance writer, following the tips shared in this article can go a long way. Take time to develop the listed skills, and you might soon be dining with the greats in your field. You never know.

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